Data Sources used in the site

  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection

      Pound Representation: Pounds represent Gross Weight

      Source of data: Ship Manifest

      Classification: A commodity can be listed on the Ship Manifest in general terms. For example an import of frozen, headless, shell-on, shrimp can be entered by the exporter as simply frozen seafood.

      Omissions: Importers can make a formal request that their imports not be available to anyone but the customs office.

      Purpose and Use of Foreign Trade Data: An inside look at who imported what products, when it was imported and the origin of the product.

  • Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census

      Pound Representation: Pounds represent Net Weight

      Source of Data: Entry Declaration.

      Classification: By law, a commodity listed on the Entry Declaration is required to completely identify the item being imported into the US. For example, frozen seafood is an illegal description; the shipment must be listed by harmonized codes as frozen, headless, shell-on, shrimp.

      No Omission: Every Entry Declaration on every shipment imported into the US is available to the Department of Commerce, No omissions.

      Purpose of Census Reports: To provide a clear indication of specific commodities and volume for cumulative total comparisons.